What does a vascular surgeon do
POSTED BY Dr. Sumit Kapadia | Nov 24, 2022

Different Types of Vascular Surgeries: Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

What are the common vascular conditions that are treated by Vascular & Endovascular Surgeons?

  1. Lower limb peripheral vascular disease (PVD or PAD)–  Diabetes, High blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol can lead to blockage of arteries (blood vessels) of legs. Initially, patients experience tiredness or pain in calves or thigh on walking, which subsides on rest. If untreated, pain can become severe and ulcers or gangrene (black patch of skin) may develop. In these severe cases, leg amputation was the only option earlier. But now with recent developments, angioplasty or leg bypass operations are helpful to reduce chances of amputation. Lots of recent advancement techniques including the latest stents and balloons are available for treatment of these disorders.
  2. Diabetic foot problems & leg ulcers: More than 25 % of diabetic patients with ulcers or leg pains have compromised blood supply, which needs proper evaluation and management to prevent amputation. Our department is recognized as one of the best centers to excel in angioplasty and bypass to improve blood circulation. We also provide complete solutions with advanced wound care and healing techniques with the use of VAC therapy or NPWT. Aadicura is the only hospital in Central Gujarat to have a dedicated Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Centre for wound healing.
  3. Varicose veins: These are one of the commonest vascular problems in which patients have unsightly or prominent veins in legs. They may develop pain, swelling, ulcers or skin disease due to this condition. Proper assessment by a vascular specialist is necessary to decide the type of management, which may be operation, LASER , RFA or minor injection (sclerotherapy) treatment. There have been recent upgrades in technology with the use of latest Lasers, glue (Vena seal) as well as MOCA devices which are also used at Aadicura.
  4. Swollen legs: There are many conditions leading to swollen legs, of which the commonest is Chronic Venous Insufficiency. If untreated, such patients end up with extremely swollen legs with pain and ulcers. The treatment is long-term and includes special compression pumps and adequate compression stockings.
  5. Deep venous Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism: Clotting of blood within the veins of legs or arms may occur after major operations, injuries or sometimes without any definite reason. This can sometimes lead to a life-threatening serious condition called pulmonary embolism if clots reach up to the lungs. Timely and appropriate treatment by a vascular specialist is necessary.  The experts at Aadicura are renowned for their experience in catheter directed thrombolysis (CDT) as well as use of Angiojet thrombectomy to help remove these clots by minimally invasive non-surgical techniques.
  6. Stroke prevention: Patients with blockage of their blood vessels in the neck, which supplies the brain, can have temporary weakness or paralysis of the arm or leg. If the blockage is more, then carotid angioplasty or operation (carotid endarterectomy) is required to prevent further attacks of stroke or paralysis.
  7. Upper limb vascular disease: Blockage of blood vessels in the arm can lead to pain in fingers, with bluish discoloration or ulcers. Doppler or angiography is needed for proper identification of the problem area, which can then be treated with medicines, angioplasty or surgeries.
  8. Vascular malformations: Often detected at birth and thought to be birthmarks, these can sometimes increase in size and lead to pain, ulcers or bleeding. The management of this condition is complex and a combination of different methods is then needed for relieving the complications. Various techniques like sclerotherapy, Laser, surgical excision and angioembolization are performed on a regular basis by these experienced specialists.
  9. Dialysis fistula: Patients requiring dialysis for their kidney failure need either central lines or AV fistula operation, which is best performed by a vascular specialist. Our experts provide various solutions for difficult dialysis access including basilic vein transposition (bypass) and AV graft. Aadicura is also recognized as one of the topmost regional centers of excellence in dialysis access with one of the highest experiences in fistula angioplasty and stenting in the country. 
  10. Aortic Aneurysms:  These are one of the most complex and challenging vascular problems with life threatening risks. Our department is equipped with one of the best hybrid cath lab with 3- D rotational angiography and Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS). The team of Vascular & Endovascular surgeons at Aadicura has been considered as one of the best vascular centres to treat aortic aneurysms along with a fully dedicated team of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeon, intensivist, pulmonologists, and nephrologist.

When do you need to consult a Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon

A vascular surgeon consultation is necessary if you notice any of the following common medical problems:

  1. Sores or Ulcers in leg that do not heal
  2. Diabetic foot problems
  3. Pain in legs on walking
  4. Pain in feet at rest, with or without blackish color ( gangrene)
  5. If you notice varicose veins in your legs
  6. Undergoing dialysis and are advised for a dialysis fistula or notice any fistula problems including blockage or bleeding
  7. Children with vascular birthmarks or swelling
  8.  Sudden onset of swelling in legs
  9. Diagnosed to have aneurysm ( ballooning of artery) anywhere in body, especially the abdomen or chest.

What does Aadicura Vascular & Endovascular Surgery department offer?

The Department of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery at Aadicura is one of the first of its kind group practice in Western India, where we bring a collective experience of more than 50 years and having treated more than 50,000 patients. We also believe Aadicura to be a destination for providing complete vascular & endovascular solutions.

At Aadicura, our department is proud to offer a world class standard of care to patients with an excellent backup of full time allied superspecialities and a caring team who believes in putting patients first. We are fortunate to have an entire gamut of high-tech equipment and facilities like Non-invasive vascular Lab, Doppler, Laser, Modular Operation Theatres, Hybrid Cath Lab and IntraVascular Ultrasound (IVUS). 

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